Ep 13 - Got Menu Fatigue? This is how you can pimp up old faithfuls!

Are you sick of your own cooking? Is the family complaining about the same old meals being made for dinner? First of all, you're not alone. And secondly, it's not your fault. In this episode of Culinary Quickies listen as Chef Mel tells us how we can pimp up and refresh the everyday dishes that you confidently know how to cook!

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In this episode you'll learn:

- what to do to refresh new flavour for everyday dishes

- why building a repertoire of dishes helps weeknight meals

- how to season your food for excitement and flavour

- why cooking is a form of your personality... and so much more! 

Connect with Chef Mel here:

IG - @chefmel_happychef

FB - @MelAlafaci

This podcast is produced by Nikki Voxx from Quintessential Being.