Meet Chef Mel the Happy Chef.

With a smile that will light up a room, and a wicked

sense of humour, her unique culinary lingo makes

cooking fabulous fun.


Chef Mel and her culinary quickies, are all about

making cooking quick, easy, and fuss free.  


Learn valuable presentation and 'cheffy' skills along

the way so that you can live happily ever after in your kitchen.

Culinary quickie recipes 

for everybody


Chef Mel will train you to be more efficient, organised and happier in your kitchen.

An Easy Christmas

Take the stress out of Christmas this year with our recipe book, video tutorials and shopping list.

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Culinary Quickies

The ultimate guide to quick and delicious recipes to wow your guests everytime!

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Culinary Bling Range

Make your meals pop off the plate both with colour AND personality.

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Let's get cooking!


Hi, I'm Chef Mel, The Happy Chef.


Join me and learn my secrets on how to faster, happier and more efficient in your kitchen.  Together we will make delicious discoveries.


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