Hi, I'm Chef Mel,  and I'd love to be your new cooking coach and teacher.

I would love to invite you to try my new VIP Cooking Club for FREE. Haven't you always wanted your own personal chef in your kitchen with you? Holding your hand every step of the way? Supporting you and guiding you as your transform into a master chef? 

Need a new food attitude?


Register first class for FREE NOW

You HAVE to register to secure your spot, as spaces are limited.

The first lesson is FREE, and then you can decide if you want to join the VIP Cooking Club on a monthly basis.  This will be an ONLINE Live Masterclass on the first Monday of each month (but you can watch on-demand/replay and cook when it suits you)

I can't wait to have you along: I'm super excited!

Level up your cooking skills and confidence.

 In 60 minutes, you'll be inspired...

In less than 30 days TRANSFORMED!  


If you decide to sign up after your free class, here's what you get!

1.You will get 13 LIVE 90-minute, 3-course, monthly Cooking lessons (your first one is free) AND 80+ pre-recorded lessons from your own private learning portal. You can watch on-demand or on replay from your dashboard.

2.Guided weekly challenges + FULL acccess to Chef Mel's Culinary Quickies COURSE + Digital Cookbook. 

You will cook along in your own kitchen with Chef Mel's FULL Culinary QUICKIES Course which you can access DIY style, and work through the content at your own pace.  You'll be able to do the shopping, and your family gets to share a meal of the delicious meal you prepare. If you lack accountability, this is perfect to help you finally commit to a transformation.  You know that when it's free, you just don't work as hard.  It's time to do the work and get the results.

3. Get FREE KNIFE SKILLS COURSE-FREE Culinary Quickies Cookbook + 1:1 AND group SUPPORT.

4. Learn fundamental cooking skills + some gorgeous meals along the way + huge focus on presentation and knife skills.

You will have access to the Culinary Quickies cookbook and course + I will be sharing my new signature recipes with you with a FREE full cookbook after the 12 months of Cooking Club.



I've been a cooking school teacher for 25 years.

I can help you become unstoppable and confident in your kitchen by teaching you cheffy skills for life. Isn't it time you invested in yourself? Treat yourself to this fun, transformational VIP Cooking Club and live happily ever after in your kitchen.


Get your first lesson FREE, and then you can sign up for the VIP Cooking Club.

You get so much FREE content, too, and heaps of discounts on all my books and merch.  So click on the join now button, as spaces are strictly limited.

BELONG to my VIP Cooking Club. You'll have fun learning a new skill every week. Imagine how cheffy you will be in less than 30 days.




It's time to enjoy cooking again and get kitchen-confident.


Introducing Chef Mel's VIP Cooking Club INSTANT Transformation. You have to cook, so why not thoroughly enjoy it? I'll make you so efficient that you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life.


What's in it for you... I'm so glad you asked!


Isn't it time you invested in yourself?  Buy yourself some happiness.  Make this wonderful VIP members-only cooking club academy YOUR personal 'ME' time, to make delicious discoveries and do some personal development along the way. Set some time aside each week to practice your new skills and challenges with Chef Mel leading and inspiring you every step of the way. Even if you can't make the live sessions, you'll be able to watch on your own time and learn skills that will last a lifetime.  Knowing you have invested in yourself will make you more likely to do the 'work' and commit to your transformation, with the group holding you accountable and supporting you along the way.  You could even invite your family to cook along.


Isn't it time you took control of your culinary destiny...and your confidence? Embark on this flavorful journey with Chef Mel, and in just 60 minutes, that's just one session, you'll:


Don't miss this opportunity to fall in love with cooking again. Limited spots are available for Chef Mel's exclusive program. Enrol now to secure your spot and start your culinary adventure today; remember, you won't always be able to watch the session live, but this VIP cooking club has been designed around busy individuals just like you who want to invest in their progress and will watch the replay from the luxury of your own learning portal.  This would also be perfect to do along with loved ones, and then enjoy the feast after you have cooked your challenge.  Perfect to train up your teenager, kids or spouse!

Join Chef Mel's Transformational VIP Cooking Club and ignite your passion for cooking.

Remember, with Chef Mel's guidance, you'll be on your way to becoming the culinary superstar you've always admired. Let's cook up some magic together.


The Benefits!



Rediscover Your Passion

Chef Mel, aka The Happy Chef, will guide you through a transformative culinary journey, reigniting your love for cooking in just 60 minutes. In three sessions, you'll never look back, and in 12 sessions, you'll be so cheffy you'll be unstoppable!


Become a Confident Foodie

Learn insider tips, techniques, and time-saving hacks that will elevate your cooking skills from average to exceptional. Impress your loved ones and guests with newfound confidence in the kitchen. SMILE MORE STRESS LESS


Host Unforgettable Dinner Parties

 Master the art of hosting delightful gatherings!

And leave your guests awestruck by your culinary prowess.


Inspire and Wow Your Loved Ones

Transform "What's for dinner?" into "WOW, how did you do that?" Watch your loved ones get inspired and excited about your cooking.


Effortless Meal Planning

Bid farewell to the hassle of coming up with meal ideas every day. Chef Mel's Quickies will simplify meal planning, ensuring delicious and diverse dishes for every occasion.


Time-Efficient Techniques

Chef Mel's time-tested methods will help you create mouthwatering dishes in record time, perfect for busy schedules.


The Pricing!


12 easy monthly payments of

$55/month x 12 = $660 total

Get 1 month FREE when you sign up


FULL Payment (two months free paying in full)


Get 1 month FREE when you sign up



What's Included!


12 Online Cooking Classes


Get access to Chef Mel and her amazing online cooking classes in the comfort of your own kitchen. You'll be able to cook along with her and then serve your 'lesson' to the family afterwards.  If you miss the LIVE class, you can watch on replay at a later stage. Put this in your calendar and set aside some regular YOU time.

Quick and enjoyable results 


Weekly Challenges that you will share with the VIP members to learn a new skill once a week.  These are skills that you will have for a lifetime.

1:1 Help + GROUP Support

Chef Mel will be on hand any time so you ask questions, get critiques, and help get past any struggles or frustrations you may encounter along the way. She will be there to make sure you get the most out of your subscription and your VIP Cooking Club, and you'll have group support too, to always cheer you on!

Full access to Culinary Quickies Online Course 

80+ signature with recipes and  some videos, so you can do a bit of DIY study.

A personalised learning portal

Watch on replay if you miss your session from your private learning portal. You'll have your own dashboard, like NETFLIX, with your own cooking show on demand.

Discount codes on all of Chef Mel's Quickies cookbooks 

 As a VIP member, you'll get discount codes on all Chef Mel's product ranges, merchandise and paperback versions of her books.

Example of skills covered:

Breads | Pastries

Sauces | Starters

Mains | Dessert

Salads | Sides

All fundamental kitchen skills will be included for a solid foundation.

Recipes + Shopping LIST

You will be supplied with the recipes so you can shop a week prior to the online cooking class.

You will be able to cook with Chef Mel either live or on replay at a time that suits. and then eat what you make afterwards.

FREE Comprehensive Knife Skills Course

FREE complete knife skills course. You'll be able to sharpen your own knives and chop like a pro. Everything from which knife to use to how to chop herbs, onions and garlic.  Trussing, vegetable cuts and more.

FREE Copy of 80+ page Culinary Quickies RECIPE BOOK 

Subscribing means you will get a FREE copy of the CULINARY QUICKIES Digital Recipe Book and any of the new recipes that are being created as we develop this amazing group cooking club.  You will be part of this amazing recipe book as we test, photograph and publish these recipes.

FREE food styling and presentation book.

Presentation is so important, get your own FREE copy of Chef Mel's little Black Book of Culinary Bling.  She will teach you all about how to make your food look, sound and taste absolutely chic, elegant, and, delicious.

If you're looking for someone to hold your hand and show you how to transform your current cooking skills, then look no further. Subscribe to my online VIP Cooking Club with one delicious ONLINE cooking class on the first Monday of the month at 6 pm AEST with replays available so you can watch later, at your own pace, for 12 months.  You can choose to cook along with me, watch on replay and cook in your own time, and then serve your delicious NEW creation to the family to enjoy.


I promise you'll be strutting around the kitchen, saying cheffy things to friends and family, showing off your newfound culinary prowess, and absolutely owning YOUR kitchen space with your new-found skills and inspiration.


You'll be able to cook at your own pace, and your cheffy creation can then be served to family and friends, and you can take ALL the credit.  The online VIP Cooking Club will also teach you cooking skills that will last you a lifetime.  

So what are you waiting for... let's get cooking; I promise you will have fun and, best of all, you'll have 1:1 and group support so that you 100% succeed. 


 You can share this with your bestie, someone else who needs me, or just keep me as your 'secret' chef.


Life is too short not to be having an absolute blast in the kitchen.  I want you to feel confident, inspired, enthused and empowered when you cook. I want you to be getting a round of applause when you put those pimped-up plates in front of the loved ones. I want you to feel like the king or queen of your kitchen.  I can't wait for you to embark on your culinary journey and make delicious discoveries along the way.

I want a FREE class NOW! Sign me UP!


Learn valuable CHEFFY skills to LEVEL UP your cooking skills and actually start enjoying your kitchen again.

I will 100% transform you into a kitchen boss or babe whilst taking you on a culinary adventure with a group of fun, like-minded foodie friends.

Let's reignite your kitchen passion and transform your meals from a chore to a delicious culinary adventure with amazing meals from around the world.  You'll be able to use these for your next family meal or dinner party or just to feel like you're on holiday in the comfort of your own home.


YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL just by clicking one of the buttons below!






Transform your cooking skills, level up your kitchen confidence and have fun along the way.


Expand your culinary prowess & learn cuisines from Around the World, with Chef Mel guiding you every step of the way.


Say goodbye to repetitive, tasteless meals.

So, what are your options?


Invest in yourself and join and meet like-minded foodie friends, save time and money while crafting incredible cheffy meals, or continue feeling uninspired and unmotivated?


We would love you to join, it's so much fun! 

What people are saying:


Dylan Stringer

Chef Mel's chef skills courses have given me so much more confidence in the kitchen. I was already an experienced home cook, but I stuck to what I was comfortable with. With Mel's help I now regularly cook seafood, I bake and I'm comfortable working with sugar. Outside of that, it's all the little things I use every day that I really love.

The roast vegetables I serve up, the stuffed chicken (I'm comfortable making that with whatever's in my fridge) and bean purees are now a mainstay at our house.

Highly recommend the course, I love food and it helped me love the food I cook every day even more.


Kelli Malone

I can't wait to join up.

Just think you should know, I am a cancer nurse at RBWH and am currently sitting in a teams meeting where we discuss lung cancer cases and I am eating Chinese 5 Allspice roasted duck breast, with a carrot puréeLife is way too short to eat bland food


Rachel Thomas

Mel is sunshine in a kitchen and has a unique ability to make you fall in love with her ease of cooking methods and her personality!

Her books are the most easiest and brilliant ways to make all your meals look expensive!


Sherry Mackay

You will always have fun with Chef Mel, and you will learn something new. I still make my beef mince (Use a swear word hot pan!) the way she taught us. And I always remember to rock my kitchen knife when chopping. Thanks Mel! Oh, I forgot to mention her cookbooks. Go and grab a few, or all of them!


Lindsay Roberts

What an amazing experience to meet Chef Mel she really changed my view on cooking. With her wonderful personality and huge smile she lights up the kitchen wanting you to enjoy it. Her tips and ideas are great. I have done a course with Mel and she is Top Shelf.




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